A passionate wine-producer conveys his own character to his wines, so much so that while tasting, it becomes easy to recognize the characteristics of who produced them. Characteristics that define the Bossotti family are: consistant, honest, an excellent aesthetic sense and a love for the simple but true human relationship. I met Vincenzo and Giovanna in 2001 and since then we have been collaborating for the production of their wines. Now together with their children Cristina, her husband Davide, Chiara and Carlo, are all busy in the running the winery on all fronts: from the cultivation of the vines, to the production, to marketing of the wine.
The winery is in Cisterna d’Asti, a small village that is 375 metres above sea level, in the province of Asti on the border of the province of Cuneo. The vineyards are pruned the ‘Guyot’ way and cover a surface of about 9 hectares, all grown on ideal steep hills with traditional varieties: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis and the indigenous grape Croatina. The vineyards’ soil is mostly made up of sandstone, sedimentary rocks of marine origin mixed with limestone, clay and sand, which resuls in a soft permeable soil. The lastest technical developments are implented in the vineyards respecting the traditional manner, using methods that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Mario Redoglia, oenologist

“….. whilst walking along, I was pondering over the fact that there is nothing nicer than a vineyard that is well hoed, tied well, with the right amount of leaves and that smell of earth burnt by the August sun. A well worked vineyard is like a healthy body, one that lives, with its breath and sweat”. Cesare Pavese